One of the most impressive city trips of my life. This is the best way to describe our trip to Kraków. Do you want to know what exactly we have done? Or are you looking for tips for a city trip to Krakow? Then keep on reading!

Friday evening we arrived at our Airbnb in the middle of the city. After we had inspected our Airbnb, I suggested we go to the MacDonalds. So we already peaked through the city gate to get a first impression of the city at night.

DAY 1.

We got up early in the morning to have breakfast first. We entered the first restaurant we encountered. It turned out to be a vegan restaurant, I barely survived. The restaurant is called Glonojad for lovers of vegan food. However, I started my morning sick.

Schindlers factory

We then drove directly with the Uber to the Schindlers Factory, a museum that was very high on our list, and which is certainly a must-do when you go to Krakow. We had already seen the film ‘Schindler’s List’ once so it is extra special to visit such a special place.

Unfortunately, nothing can be seen anymore from the factory itself, but the location has been transformed into a museum. Make sure you are on time! The line was already outside at 10:00. Or make sure that you have bought your tickets beforehand online. Tickets are around €13,00. And the time you spend in the museum is around 1,5 – 3,5 hours.


Ghetto Heroes Square

When you go to the Jewish part of the city after seeing Schindlers Factory, take a look at this monument especially for the Polish Jews who were imprisoned in the ghettos during the Second World War.


In some buildings you can still find the remains of the Second World War


Since there was a marathon going on this day, and we weren’t able to just cross it, we went for a drink in an old café. I shot this picture of which I am a bit proud.


Passerelle Père Ojca Bernatka bridge

Then we walked over the Passerelle Père Ojca Bernatka bridge. To my regret we have missed the St-Joseph’s church, otherwise this is definitely recommended for a beautiful Instagram photo.


Then we walked through the old Jewish city


St. Catherine’s Church

In addition, we entered a church with a very special Polish name: Kościół św. Katarzyny Aleksandryjskiej i św. Małgorzaty. No idea why it has such a long title or what it says at all, this was what Google Maps told me.


I took the photo below at a flea market that we encountered


New Jewish Cemetery

Then we visited the Jewish Cemeteries of Krakow.


Old Jewish Cemetery

The old Jewish Cemetery was impressive, thousands of graves covered in flowers and leaves.


Wawel Royal Castle

Finally we walked a bit further to Wawel Royal Castle. Here we spent the rest of the afternoon until sunset. In addition, you can take some nice Instagram photos here.


After we spend some time at Wawel Castle, we walked towards the city center followed by a beautiful sunset.


Center of Krakow

We walked around the city center for a while, however we knew we had a free walking tour the last day so we did not want to see everything yet. DSC_1366DSC_1368

We ended up at the Hard Rock Café, which is already number 7 for me. I was happy with the garlic fries that are finally on the menu again. After dinner, we decided to head back to the Airbnb.


DAY 2.

Day two we started in a great restaurant where I have dedicated a whole blog to as it is fantastic. The interior is too cute for words and the food is so delicious that we returned to this restaurant twice.


After this delicious breakfast we left for Auschwitz, which was also high on our list. I also dedicated an entire blog to this with our experience of the visit.


DAY 3.

Day three we started again in the cute pink hotspot. After our breakfast, we walked around the square and drank something as we had to kill some time because our Free Walking Tour started at 12:00.


Free Walking Tour Krakow

The last day of our stay in Krakow, we did a Free Walking Tour through the center of the city. I really enjoyed the free walking tour, not only because the tour guide occasionally referred to Game of Thrones, but also because he told the history of the city full of passion and humor. I am certain that from now on I will be doing Free Walking Tours more often in cities that I visit. You will pass the most important points of a city and you will immediately receive all background stories such as history, anecdotes and myths. You can find more information about these free walking tours here!DSC_1435DSC_1437DSC_1438DSC_1442


In three days we have actually been able to see most of Krakow. It was one of the most impressive city trips in my life. If someone asks me how it was there I don’t just say ‘fun’ but rather ‘impressive’. It really wasn’t fun at all. Don’t get me wrong, the city itself is beautiful but the history is horrible.

Would you love to visit Krakow?

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