Copenhagen had been on my bucket list for a while. When I won an Interrail ticket, I thought it would be fun to go to the north of Europe and discover Copenhagen, along with a visit to Stockholm and Odense. The most fun things I visited there deserved a spot in this article.

Besides these sights, it is also very nice to walk through the city and see all the colored houses. Note, Denmark is quite expensive. I noticed that when I visited Legoland Billund. It will certainly not be a budget trip, but almost all must-do’s are free.

Botanic GardensBotanic Gardens Kopenhagen

This greenhouse is very photogenic, along with the entire park that surrounds it. The park is not far from the city, which makes it very easy to walk past it. We did not go in because you had to pay for it, we had plenty of other things planned.

NyhavenNyhaven Kopenhagen

The Nyhaven is of course Denmark’s most recognizable sight next to the Little Mermaid, but it is certainly also fun to have an overpriced drink in the evening. In the evening it is a lot quieter and you can see all the nice lights of the harbor. But of course you should also stop by during the day.

Vrijstad, ChristianiaIMG_0108

One of the most special places I ever saw. Here in the free city of Christiania, you can do anything you want. It was therefore forbidden to take pictures here. The whole area consists of houses that are gathered together with a lot of mess around it. The center of the city is also the highlight, with dozens of inhabitants selling weed in a row on the street. Certainly a special experience that I will not soon forget.


The Kastellet looks quite special on Google maps, because it is in the shape of a star. That was the reason we wanted to see if it was actually something. Fortunately it was a lot of fun to walk through it.

The Little Mermaid is located near the Kastellet. If you are in the area it is nice to walk by and see the large amount of tourists, if you are not you will not miss anything. As a big fairytale fan, I naturally wanted to pay a visit. Especially because we visited the Hans Christian Andersen festival a few days later in Odense.



The round tower is in the middle of the city, for a few euros you can make the whole climb up and then see a panorama of the whole city. Keep in mind that it is quite a climb.

Rosenborg slot


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The advantage of Copenhagen is that most sights are very close to each other. This beautiful castle was also very close to the city. It is possible to enter the castle, but you must have arranged tickets in advance.

Palads, Cinema

A regular cinema, but an oh so nice Instagram Wall. It is almost in the middle of the city, so it is definitely worth the walk. We have not been inside but we have been shooting for quite a long time.


One of the, in my opinion, most fantastic places in Copenhagen is Tivoli. This amusement park celebrated its 175th anniversary the day we were there, which included a big fireworks show.

Have you ever been to Copenhagen?

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