Just before the whole world went in lockdown, we had the opportunity to visit Berlin in the winter. Berlin is an amazing city with a lot of hidden gems and cool spots to visit, next to the rich history. In this blog I share 14 of the best Instagram hotspots in Berlin.

The best Berlin Instagram photo spots

Brandenburger Tor

Probably the most taken Instagram photo in Berlin is in front of the Brandenburger Tor. When you arrive earlier than the start of all the free walking tours, well at least in the winter, you still have the opportunity to take a picture without any other tourists in the background.

Berliner Dom

East side gallery

Haus Schwarzenberg

Another hidden spot is Haus Schwarzenberg. This small alley has a few beautiful graffiti artworks which are totally Instagrammable.


House of small wonder

This hidden gem is hard to find but a total must when visiting Berlin. During our citytrip we had lunch in this place which was amazing. Find the review of this hotspot here!


Unfortunately the Reichstag was closed due to the situation around the virus. Normally, you can visit the Reichstag for free and climb up high to watch an astonishing view. Mind that you have to reserve a time slot!


Charlottenburg Castle

When taking the metro a little further, you are able to visit the gorgeous pink Charlottenburg Castle. This castle is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside. Mind that if you want to enter the castle, you have to pay a small fee. The gardens are free to visit.


This lively place is mainly in the summer a cool spot to have a drink and listen to music. Besides, there are some events and festivals that usually take place here.


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A little bit further from the city center is Teufelsberg, this location is often used for fashion shoots because of its unique look. Luckily the place is free to visit so you are able to make your own fashion pics.

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Another great spot filled with beautiful artworks that can be added to the list is RAW-Gelände. It’s located near the East Side Gallery.


This restaurant was the best end to this citytrip. The food is amazing, the decor looks gorgeous and the cocktails aren’t too bad either. Read a full review of this hidden hotspot of Berlin here.

What are your favorite photo spots in Berlin?

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