We were pleasantly surprised when we entered Pinchos in Berlin. We had not had the best few days in Berlin because of the situation around the virus, but this restaurant was the pinnacle of the day and fortunately we were able to end our trip here. The concept is fantastic, the theming is great and the food and drinks delicious. This is a must when you visit Berlin!

It’s one big circus at this circus restaurant. The concept comes from Scandinavia and also has several branches there, this is the first and only one in Germany. Hopefully the same concept will one day also come to the Netherlands.

Pinchos: dineren in een circus restaurant in Berlijn
Due to the threatening virus, the restaurant was almost empty.

Concept Pinchos

The concept is really fantastic and should be introduced in many more places; everything goes through an app.

When we entered there was a small bowl of popcorn on the table, which was finished in no time.

App Pinchos

When you download the app from Pinchos, which I had done several days in advance so that I could view the menu, you have several options. You can book a table, view the menu and drinks menu extensively, order online and even pay (if you have a credit card). You fill in your table number, decide on the dishes and drinks you want to order and you will be notified when they are ready for pick up.

No table service

There is no service at all in this restaurant. You order online via the app, receive a notification when it is ready and then go get your food and drinks from the kitchen or at the bar. Just as it was with real circuses in 1920, at least without the digital elements. Fortunately, the tables are cleared and the concept is of course extensively explained. If something is not clear, there is always staff around. You can recognize them by the circus outfit they are wearing.


The menu consists of various small dishes of around 3 to 5 euros. The idea is, just like tapas, to order one dish at a time. Now this is of course not a must, there were several other guests who ordered dozens of dishes at once. However, we wanted to try dish by dish. You get the ordered dishes every time on a shelf that you can place on the table between the dividers.

The dishes can all be found in the app, along with the price of the dish and a clear photo of what you get on your plate. Something that is really an advantage for me (difficult eater) because I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. The dishes are very different, from quesadillas to dumplings and from spring rolls to sweet potato fries. There were also some tasty desserts.


You can also order the drinks via the app. They have many different drinks but the unique thing about the concept are the many different (cheap) cocktails. Again there are pictures so you know exactly what to expect. We liked them very much!

Theme Pinchos

Why I am completely lyrical about this restaurant is because of the attention paid to the details. The theme of Pinchos is reflected in every element you see. From the staff clothing to the cup of popcorn you get when you enter. Below is a quick description of the interior.

Circus tent

In the middle of the restaurant is the large circus tent. I felt a little bit special when we got to sit in the middle here.

Pinchos: dineren in een circus restaurant in Berlijn


On one side of the restaurant you will find the part of the magician, at least that is what we figured out. Pigeons were flying around, the lamps were in the shape of the well-known magician hats and there were all kinds of peculiar objects that you can only find in a circus.


On the other side of the restaurant you found the fortune teller. Here large tarot cards hung on the wall and it was a bit darker.


When you enter you will find a real zoo on your left. This part represents all animals from the circus. There are all kinds of monkeys, birds and even an elephant. Unfortunately I have to mention that they are not real animals.

Pinchos: dineren in een circus restaurant in Berlijn

Food trucks

The kitchen and bar where you could get the food and drinks looked like food trucks as you would find them at the real circus from 1920.

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Themed toilets

Even the toilets have not been disregarded. This is where you enter the dressing rooms of artists. Apparently you can occasionally hear a short show on the toilet if I have to believe Vicky, but unfortunately it didn’t work when I went to the toilet.

General information

Location Pinchos Berlin

Pinchos can be found in Meinekestraße 22 in Berlin-Charlottenburg, a street near the Hard Rock Café. The nearest underground station is Kurfürstendamm.


What surprised me most of all was that the final amount we had to pay was not expensive at all. For two people we paid € 45 for about 10 dishes and a cocktail. That is very cheap for tapas concepts. Especially nice that the cocktails were affordable, we noticed that this caused guests to start using the cocktails faster.

Other Pinchos locations

In addition to the branch in Berlin, Pinchos has many different branches, all located in Scandinavia. There are a number of them in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Malmö and Oslo. Each Pinchos has the same theme and concept, but the dishes and drinks may vary by location.

We had a great time and I definitely recommend everyone to visit this hotspot during a city trip to Berlin. I hope that more restaurants will implement these kinds of concepts.

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