Die-hard fans of Sex and the City know that some of the most iconic scenes from the show and movies were filmed right here in New York City. If you’re a fan of the show (or even if you’re not), you can visit some of these famous movie locations on your next trip to the city. From Carrie’s apartment to Miranda’s office, here are the top 5 Sex and the City movie locations you can visit in New York City.

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1 Carrie’s Apartment – 66 Perry Street, New York, NY

No list of Sex and the City movie locations would be complete without Carrie’s apartment. Though the exterior shots of her brownstone were actually filmed in Brooklyn, the interior shots were filmed at 66 Perry Street in Greenwich Village. Fans of the show will recognize her front stoop, where she often sat reading or people-watching, and her bedroom, where many important conversations with her friends took place. Today, the building is a private residence so you can’t go inside, but it’s still fun to walk by and imagine you’re one of Carrie’s neighbors.

2 Blossom Restaurant – 187 Columbus Avenue, New York, NY

Blossom Restaurant is where Charlotte had her engagement party to Trey MacDougal in the first Sex and the City movie. The exterior shots of the restaurant were actually filmed at this location on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side, but the interior shots were filmed at another location (the Empire Diner in Chelsea). Nevertheless, it’s still fun to visit this spot and pretend you’re celebrating Charlotte’s engagement like all her friends were. Pro tip: there’s a great Korean restaurant next door called Miss Korea BBQ that’s definitely worth checking out too.

3 Miranda’s Office – Worldwide Plaza, 825 8th Avenue, New York, NY

In both the TV show and movies, Miranda worked as a successful lawyer at a prestigious law firm in Manhattan. Though Miranda was never seen going into or coming out of her office building on-screen, fans of the show will recognize it as Worldwide Plaza on Eighth Avenue between 49th and 50th Streets. It’s fun to walk by and imagine that Miranda is hard at work inside one of those skyscrapers waiting to grab drinks with her friends later

4 Magnolia Bakery – 401 Bleecker Street & 402 6th Avenue, New York, NY

Magnolia Bakery played a big role in both the TV show and movies as one of Charlotte’s favorite places to get cupcakes (the infamous “Sex and the City cupcake”). In real life, Magnolia Bakery has two locations in NYC – 401 Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village (featured in SATC 2) and 402 6th Avenue in Chelsea (featured in SATC 1). No matter which location you visit, be sure to try one of their delicious cupcakes… or maybe even an entire cake! Trust me, it’ll be worth it.

5 The Pleasure Chest – 1150 2nd Avenue & 156 7th Avenue South, New York NY

The Pleasure Chest is a popular sex shop that appeared briefly in both Sex and the City 1 & 2 (though it was called “Cool Links” in SATC 1). In SATC 2, Samantha buys a vibrator here for Charlotte after she finds out Trey is unable to have sex due to his erectile dysfunction issue. In real life The Pleasure Chest has two locations – 1150 2nd Avenue on the Upper East Side (featured in SATC 2) And 156 7th Avenue South in Greenwich Village (featured in SATC 1). If you’re feeling daring enough, stop by either location and pick up a souvenir! 😉


Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Sex and the City or just looking for something fun to do on your next trip to New York City, be sure to check out these famous movie locations from your favorite show (and movies). From Carrie’s apartment to Miranda’s office to Charlotte’s favorite cupcake spot, these locations are sure to give you a sense of deja vu…and maybe even inspire you to stop for a cosmopolitan or cupcake along the way!

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