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An enterepreneurial leisure management student with a passion for leisure, travel and storytelling with the ambition to work in the theme park industry after she has discovered the world. She shares her unique experiences and special stories along with marketing & storytelling tips on her travel blog and Instagram.

Hi! My name is Fabiën Vlems and I am a twenty year old student born and raised in a small village in the south of Brabant. Above, I tried to describe myself in just a few sentences. That was an almost impossible job.

I am an incredibly busy person who likes to do all kinds of things and preferably all at the same time. I also suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out), I can hardly say no and I like almost everything.

That’s why I decided to write down everything in detail on this page. To make it easier to navigate through my life, I have divided it into sub categories. So feel free to grab a cup of hot chocolate because you’re in for a long ride..

Will you travel back in time with me?

My early years

I used to feel a bit of an outsider. It’s not that I made a point of it, I got along well with everyone and enjoyed meeting new people, but classmates simply were thinking of very different stuff than I was. For years I kept my blog a secret simply because I was afraid people would disapprove.

Amazed by stories

Fairy tales have always fascinated me. I always listened very closely when my parents would read from the big fairytale book. Our favorite activity when we were little was recording videos for our ‘Movie Club’. I believe we were about 9 or 10. My friends and sister were the stars, I did the entire production, starting from the script to the editing.

Passion for theme parks

When I did my communion in when I was about 7 years old, I stood next to all my classmates in front of a full church hall. The priest asked everyone what their name was and what they wanted to become later. Often ‘teacher, police or fire brigade’ followed. Then I finally got the chance to tell what my dream was: ‘I will become director of the theme park the Efteling’.

Despite not being a big daredevil, I have always loved theme parks. I grew up with Efteling and Disney and wow I was an expert. I even gave my neighbor Disney lessons because I thought it was basic common knowledge that you can name all seven dwarfs.

The atmosphere, joy, smiling people, special experiences and the most beautiful fairy tales come to life in a theme park. I knew from an early age that I wanted to do something with this later..


entertain people

I think it is incredibly important that people have a good time and have the best experience they can have. This is one of the main goals of my blog. I write about the most special experiences I encounter, the most beautiful stories I hear and the best way to experience all this.

I love working with children and being on stage. For years I have had different babysitting addresses, I wrote and produced a musical for my high school assignment together with a friend and now I still play a clown for hundreds of children every summer. I love that I am able to tell my own made-up stories. The response I get back is magical.

Present day

Fortunately, I now have completely found my place and I am no longer afraid to share my thoughts online. I have found an education that suits me, a side job where I have found the sweetest (and strangest) colleagues and my online platform is getting a lot more fun every day.


One day during high school my mom said there was an education where you can learn how to become a manager in theme parks, I never hesitated and signed up. I haven’t even been to any other school. I started the Leisure Management program at the Breda University of Applied Sciences.

In the second year, I was able to choose the track ‘Attractions and Theme parks Management’. During this track we were able to do various projects for companies from the industry, such as Efteling and Europa-Park. I soon realized that there were two topics that had stolen my heart: Storytelling and Marketing.

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Vandaag onze minor Storytelling and Consumer Behavior afgesloten met een presentatie in Bosrijk! 🙌🏻☺️ #efteling #storytelling

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Camping de Paal

From 2020 it will be my fourth year at the best children’s campsite in Europe: Camping de Paal. This is the best, most rewarding and most magical work. Fight me. I have learned so much here, been able to bring so many stories to life and have made friendships for life. This campsite will always have a special place in my heart.❤️

Party princess

I recently read my diary from a few years ago. In it I described in detail how it was my dream to work as a princess. Whether at Disney or for children’s parties, I wanted to wear a princess dress. Fortunately, I ran into Naomi from Fairytale Favorites who was able to make my dream come true. Now and then I still occasionally go to children’s parties or events as a princess. 👸


In recent years I have been able to work on various beautiful projects during my education but also outside my education. For example, I sometimes write for Marketingfacts, I was able to do the minor Storytelling and Consumer Behavior for Efteling and I followed an Entrepreneur track during my training.


Now of course no one can predict what the future will bring, but I do know that I am a very big dreamer and I believe that if I really want something and am willing to work very hard for it, I can achieve anything. Every day I learn something new, every day I do something that contributes to my future, but I also know that everything takes time. “There are no shortcuts to a place worth going“.

Content marketing and storytelling

Recently I read the book Storynomics by Mckee about story-driven marketing. In my opinion, the combination of marketing and storytelling is very strong. Content becomes so much more interesting and fun through storytelling. Companies like Efteling manage to get people to view their content voluntarily. How nice would it be if that were the case everywhere?

my mission

“We have to stop interrupting people with what they are interested in, and BE what they are interested in”. I stole this quote from my father’s website. While we both do very different things, at least we agree on one thing: boring ads are annoying. I much prefer to listen to a good story and connect with companies that have a purpose. I would like to fully focus on this in the future.

That was in short (HA) the story of my life. Let me know via Instagram if you got through to the end, then I’ll send you a personal virtual applause.

My favorites

🗽 New York City is my favorite city and it is my dream to live there some day.

🍁 Autumn is my favorite season, I adore all things cosy and I’m always full of inspiration during fall.

🖥️ I Truly am a nerd: I love movies and series and then especially: Disney, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Marvel, Lord of the Rings and Peaky Blinders.

☎️ History was, next to theatre and languages, my favorite course during high school I love to go back in time and find out every little detail of background history.

🎥 Tangled is by far my favorite movie, Rapunzel has a special place in my heart. 

🦁 According to the sorting hat, I’m sorted into Gryffindor. However, sometimes I feel a bit Ravenclaw as well. 

I am very curious to hear your story! I would love to get to know you, you may always send me a message via Instagram!

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