We fell in love the moment we stepped through the doors of this cute restaurant called Camelot. During our three day visit to Kraków, we visited the place three times in total. Are you already excited when you see the interior? Wait until you see the food!

Antique furniture, cheerful Christmas elves and other frills. If you can’t get enough of it then you should definitely not miss this restaurant. Right in the center of Kraków you will find Camelot, a breakfast, lunch and dinner restaurant.

Café Camelot Kraków

Hidden in an alleyway of Kraków

At first glance, you would totally walk by the place. From the outside it looks like an old ruin. However, don’t let the outside appearance fool you. It is well hidden in an alleyway, where by the way you usually find the gems of the city. I had already saved a picture of this adorable place, but coincidentally my father had found it on Tripadvisor as well. And so we sat in the morning at the breakfast table at Camelot.

Café Camelot Kraków


The breakfast was unbelievably tasty, there was fresh fruit everywhere (not that I ate it, but hey, for fruit lovers) and in addition, everything was beautifully presented. It is clear that someone with passion in the kitchen has been making pieces of art. That is why we decided to also join for dinner and for breakfast the following morning.

Café Camelot Kraków

When you look at this, you want to book an overnight stay in Kraków immediately right?

Reserve on time!

Please note, we are not the only ones that discovered that this is such a great hotspot. Since we were having dinner around 17:00 just like a typical Dutch person, we didn’t have to wait for a long time. But when we left the restaurant there was a huge line outside. So make sure you make a reservation, or be a Dutchie and eat on time.

Dinner at Camelot

Almost everything was made fresh, so it took a little longer before you had the food on your plate. The dinner was also very delicious and worth the wait, they indicated in advance that it would take longer, luckily. My #foodpicture is missing because I was too hungry to shoot my meal.

Conclusion Camelot Kraków

We really enjoyed Camelot and I definitely recommend that you save this restaurant if you ever plan to visit Kraków. The food is really tasty and fresh, and the interior is very authentic and atmospheric.

Save this for later!

Would you also freak out if you had dinner in this pink hotspot?

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