We ended our very last evening with a wonderful dinner at Ponto Final, a popular restaurant located in Almada, on the other side of the Tagus River. You eat typical Portuguese food here and are warmly welcomed by the staff who do their utmost to give you a great evening. Are you reading along?

How to find Ponto Final?

The restaurant is located in Almada, reachable within 15 minutes by ferry from Lisbon Cais do Sodre. Also after sunset you can take the ferry back to Lisbon. To take the ferry you pay a few euros, we used our rechargeable Viva Viagem card that you can also use for the metro to board.

Don’t forget to make a reservation

From 19:00 the restaurant opens and it is clear to see, as two long lines develop. One for people with a reservation, one for people without a reservation. Make sure you are in the line with a reservation. We made our reservations about a week in advance, when there was still room. The day before with us there was no place left. Despite the fact that our reservation was not successful, we still got a fantastic spot overlooking the beautiful Ponte 24 de Abril bridge.

Menu Ponto Final

The food is fairly standard Portuguese, lots of meat and fish. The prices were not too bad. I have never seen such a cheap wine bottle on the menu in the Netherlands. Unfortunately I was too full after our main course, otherwise we would certainly have checked out the dessert menu.

Why was Ponto Final such a great experience?

The staff made a big deal out of giving us a memorable evening. More wine? Sure! Want a picture with the sunset? Sure! Want a blanket? Sure! You could see clearly that the staff, dominantly men, really enjoyed their work and did their best to give everyone a great evening.

Keep in mind, the moment the sun went down it suddenly became freezing cold. Fortunately the staff was ready to hand out blankets but we quickly drank the wine and ran back to the ferry, slightly tipsy and with shaky legs. Here we were fortunately helped by a nice Portuguese man who I immediately trusted with my ATM card since after two wines I am no longer able to charge my metro card.

Don’t forget to save this hotspot to your Google Maps for when you visit Lisbon!

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