A while back I was in Hamburg for a day. I had never been there before, but secretly fell in love with this industrial port city. We visited everything we wanted to visit in just one day. From this I selected the 7 best things. Will you join this trip to Hamburg, Germany?

Hamburg can be done in just one day, however I advise you to stay over for at least one night if you want to take things a bit easier.

Hamburger Rathaus

The first thing you see as soon as you enter the busy city center is this beautiful building. The gorgeous building works very good for your Instagram. There’s a possibility to get inside. The moment you step into the town hall, it seems as if the busy city center has disappeared. I definitely recommended to go inside for a while and take in the moment.



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Today we are in Hamburg! I adore this building ♥️ For the Dutchies: er staat een nieuw artikel online over hoe ik deze trip gepland heb! Link in bio 🌼🗺

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I had saved this monument on Maps in advance, but it was not a must-visit. It is very nice to stop by on your way to the next must-see and take a look. You can also enter the tower with a lift but we didn’t do that because of the costs and the limited time we had.



These streets are really a must-do when you visit Hamburg. These industrial buildings have a mysterious atmosphere, perhaps that might be my personal opinion because the Hamburger Dungeon is located in one of the buildings. Still, it is very impressive, and it is very close to the harbor.


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This was such a cool view, tho it was a bit creepy because the Hamburg Dungeon was in one of those buildings 👻💥

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You will find this bridge between Speicherstrasse and Hohe Brücke. It literally said, “enter at your own risk,” because it was quite a shaky bridge. There were some love locks on it and on the other side you have a nice view of a harbor of Hamburg. We didn’t visit the harbor anymore, since we later walked to another side of the harbor.


Hohe Brücke

I wasn’t exactly sure how to pin down this must-visit, so I went for the street name. Close to Speicherstrasse you have this nice street with a view of beautiful houses. Unfortunately the water was low, otherwise it would have looked even better.


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Flying Dutchman chills here in Hamburg 🏰

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Hamburger Dom

As most people know, I love amusement parks and everything about it. For that reason, I also enjoy to walk around fairs and watch the beautiful colors and the joy of people. We were lucky that we ran into this by accident. The funfair takes place three times a year for four weeks. One in the summer, one in the winter and one in the spring (that’s the time we were there). Definitely a must-do if you are in town during the those times.


Hard Rock Café

I have to admit that my feet have hardly survived the walk there and that the taxi on the way back was certainly necessary, because it is completely on the other side of Hamburg station. Nevertheless, the distance is worth it, you have a beautiful view of the harbor and the food, do I really have to explain?


Maybe you like this cute hotspot in Krakau too?

In short, are you planning to visit Hamburg in one day? Then I advise you to start at the station and then walk towards the Harbor. It is quite a distance, but in the end you have seen almost all of Hamburg in one day. Taxi back to the station is 12/16 €.

Save this for later!

Have you ever been in Hamburg?

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