Last summer we traveled back through time to the park Puy du Fou. During our stay we slept in the themed hotel in Puy du Fou; hotel La Citadelle, a medieval castle. This was a unique experience and highly recommended. Are you down to make a trip back to the Middle Ages?

What is Puy du Fou?

Puy du Fou, located in les Epesses, is completely dedicated to French history. The unique thing about this theme park is that there are no attractions. The park is only filled with different shows, villages and walkthroughs. In my blog about Puy du Fou, I share the amazing experience I had and some tips and tricks.

It is almost impossible to visit the park in a day, which is why many guests choose to stay overnight in the park. If you still choose to stay for only one day, you can find the cheapest tickets here. There are several nice themed hotels, we opted for a medieval castle.

Checking in at hotel La Citadelle

During the period that we visited the park, it was fairly quiet (27 to 29 August). Hence check-in went smoothly; at the hotel we received our tickets and our emotion passes so we could go straight into the park. From 3 (or 4) o’clock we could actually enter the rooms.

Hotel Puy du Fou La Citadelle
Hotel Puy du Fou La Citadelle

Look how nice this courtyard is, of course I had to do a photo shoot first.


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In love with our medieval hotel ♥️

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Room La Citadelle

The hotel rooms are beautifully decorated and very spacious. In total there are 74 classic rooms with 5 beds and 23 comfort rooms with 3 beds. We stayed in a classic room with a double bed and a bunk bed.

Hotelkamer Puy du Fou La Citadelle

Fortunately, not everything is exactly the same as in the Middle Ages, but you do have TV, WiFi and air conditioning in the room.

Walking distance Hotel La Citadelle to Puy du Fou

The distance from the hotel to the park is easy on foot and is about 10 minutes. There is a special entrance for hotel guests that is much quieter than the general entrance. When you walk from La Citadelle to the park, which is otherwise well signposted, you will walk past the other hotels of Puy du Fou.


The hotel itself is quite simple, they don’t have a swimming pool or special facilities. There is, however, a restaurant in the courtyard where you can enjoy breakfast and dinner.


In the courtyard is the restaurant L’Ecuyer Tranchant, a buffet restaurant for breakfast and dinner. At the reception you have to indicate a time what time you would like to arrive, there you will receive a note with which you enter the restaurant.

Breakfast is a fairly standard French breakfast with croissants, lots of meat and cheese and crêpes. The first show in the park starts around 10:30 am, so you can have breakfast until fairly late.


Next to the hotel is a free parking lot for hotel guests of La Citadelle. This is easily accessible.

Practical information


For average hotel prices, the hotels in Puy du Fou are by no means expensive. The website states that it is a minimum of € 68.00 per person for access to the park and an overnight stay. In addition, Puy du Fou offers many different discount packages, which we have also used.

Discount packages

In total for three days in Puy du Fou, two nights, breakfast, three times dinner and emotion passes for two days, we paid about € 300.00 per person. It is easy to put together your own package via the website.

Would you like to visit Puy du Fou for one or two days without a discount package? Click here for the cheapest tickets!


When visiting Puy du Fou it is a must to stay overnight, one day is simply not enough to discover the whole park and see all the shows. Hotel La Citadelle is one of the more expensive options in Puy du Fou, but still very affordable. In addition, you are fully equipped and you have a unique experience. Definitely recommended!

Other accommodations in Puy du Fou

In addition to the medieval castle, there is also the possibility to spend the night in Viking huts, a tent from the Renaissance or in this villa from Ancient Rome below. The restaurants and bars of the hotels are open to all guests, for example we had dinner at Les Deux Couronnes in Le Camp du Drap d’Or. Read more about the other hotels!

Would you like to stay overnight in a castle?

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