When we visited Strasbourg in 2019, we were in the middle of the extreme heat of summer. As a result, we mainly spend our time at a lake near the city. Fortunately, we were still able to see a few things of the city. In this article I share 7 fun activities that you can do in this fairytale city.

7 things to do in Strasbourg

1 City tour

Whenever I’m only in a city for a short period of time, I often choose to do a guided tour. This way you can see the most beautiful places in the city within a few hours and you also immediately learn something about its history. You can choose a bike tour through the city, a route with a Segway or simply explore the old center by foot.

Straatsburg: 7x doen in de zomer in deze Franse stad

2 Cathedral

The cathedral, located in the middle of the old town, is a beautiful church from the 15th century. It is possible to climb into the tower and look out over the entire city. You can pay an entrance fee of €5 per person or purchase the Strasbourg pass that includes this.

Kathedraal van Straatsburg: 7x doen in de zomer in deze Franse stad

3 Discover the food

Would you rather enjoy the French food Strasbourg has to offer? Then you should do a food tour on your own. During this 4-hour tour you will visit 12 different places for only €12 per person and get 7 free tastings.

4 Take lots of (Instagram) photos

During your walk through the city you will come across many different beautiful, colorful buildings. The whole city is very photogenic so don’t forget to bring your camera. Unfortunately, because of the heat, I walked around like a tomato all day, so not exactly insta-worthy.

5 Visit museums

Strasbourg has several museums that are worth a visit. With the 3-day Strasbourg Pass you can access the attractions of Strasbourg for only €22. This also includes a museum visit of your choice and a 50% discount on a second museum visit. Furthermore, with this pass you can also visit other attractions for free or with a discount, such as a boat trip and a climb on the cathedral.

Some museums the city has to offer:

  • Palais de Rohan (the photo down below)
  • Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame
  • Musee Alsacien
  • Museum van moderne kunst
  • MM Park France

6 Evening (bike)tour through Strasbourg

When the sun goes down, everything in Strasbourg looks even more magical. Perfect for an evening stroll through the city center. It is also possible to do a guided night bike ride through the city. Look here for more information about this cycling tour.

7 Watch the lightshow on the Cathedral

We were there in the summer and were lucky enough to experience the light show on the cathedral. This show lasts about 15 minutes and is free to attend. Everyone gathers on the ground before the cathedral. The show can be seen every evening in the summer and the first show starts around 21:30. If you have the opportunity to watch the show, be sure to do so. It’s a wonderful end to the day.

Straatsburg: 7x doen in de zomer in deze Franse stad

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Fab’s favorites Strasbourg

Food & drinks

Le Petit Tigre is where we spent two of our evenings. On the one hand because the food was very tasty, on the other hand because they had air conditioning. You can do food sharing here with flammkuchen as a specialty. I LOVED IT. For the beer lovers: they make their own beer.

Overnight stay in Strasbourg

During our stay in Strasbourg we stayed in an Airbnb. This Airbnb was within walking distance of town and was just big enough for the four of us.

Would you want to visit Strasbourg?

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