House of Small Wonder | Hotspot Berlin

Hidden between high modern buildings in Berlin lies the unique hotspot House of Small Wonder. We had lunch here, enjoyed the sun and escaped the hustle and bustle of the city. House of Small Wonder is a must when in Berlin!

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Pinchos Berlin: Unique restaurant with circus theme | Hotspot

We were pleasantly surprised when we entered Pinchos in Berlin. We had not had the best few days in Berlin because of the situation around the virus, but this restaurant was the pinnacle of the day and fortunately we were able to end our trip here. The concept is fantastic, the theming is great and the food and drinks delicious. This is a must when you visit Berlin!

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9 LinkedIn tips for students that want to stand out

Often when I ask fellow students if they have LinkedIn, the answer is: “yes, I have an account, though I barely use it.” The only reason they open the app is to make a call for an internship within the network of 50 friends and family they gathered. A number of opportunities are missed in this case. In this article I share 9 tips for students who want to stand out on LinkedIn.

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Instagram: 7 Storytelling-tips for great content

“Trust in companies has never been this low.” Chairman Dorit Roest opened her presentation with this statement at the Emerce Update Event. We are in the middle of the ‘war for attention’. On average, we see around five thousand advertisements in a day. With thousands of messages being fired at us, it’s hard to tell what we should and should not believe. Fortunately, Instagram is a platform where you have the possibility to tell an interesting story to the right target group.

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You can’t miss this cute pink cafe in Krakow, Poland

We fell in love the moment we stepped through the doors of this cute restaurant called Camelot. During our three day visit to Krakow, we visited the place three times in total. Are you already excited when you see the interior? Wait until you see the food!

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Bosrijk: dineren bij restaurant Het Eethuys | Efteling hotspots

Aangezien ik sinds september een abonnement heb op de Efteling, probeer ik er zo veel mogelijk uit te halen. Daarbij hoort natuurlijk het ontdekken van alle leuke restaurants van de Efteling. Dit keer zijn we naar Bosrijk gewandeld om daar het restaurant te testen.

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